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Frequently asked questions

To aid you with any questions you might have, I've collected our most often asked questions from new clients below.

How is my image retouched?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas justo massa, elementum eu vehicula nec, lacinia ut neque. Suspendisse eleifend porta nisl, ac blandit massa rhoncus nec.All images are retouched by a professional touch-up artist. Please check the retouch examples on our site.

Is there any limit for the photos I can submit?

There is no limit to the photos you submit.

What is the way to send you the photos?

You can send them via e-mail them at

Can I send in any type of pics to be worked on?

We work with all file types but it is better, to send us RAW files.

Should I provide you with reference photos when I order the color correction service?

I offer the wedding photo post production as well and yes, submitting the order for the color correction this is obligatory to give me some examples of the style you are looking for, thus I will be able to follow the edit style you’d love to get as the result!

Are my orders secure?

Certainly yes! No worries about using our photo post processing service as the outsource photography editing. We take care about privacy of our clients’ orders. We won’t ever use your pictures for any other projects.

How long does it take to edit my photos?

If the sample is approved by you, I will make sure that the photos are edited within a day. During wedding season it can take a little longer, up to 2 business days. This will always be communicated towards you.

Can you edit in my style?

Yes, we can! Every photographer has his or her own style, and so do you! Before I start the job, I first edit 20 different photographs with your presets, to get a feeling for how you would edit them yourself. You then receive these images from me via WeTransfer, so that you can review them and see if the edits are what you had in mind. As soon as you give me the green light, I will then continue with the rest of the editing.

Do you edit all kinds of Photography?

We absolutely do, from weddings to architecture, we do it all!

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